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           Dr. Nitin Kole is a Pathologist. Having well equipped, Computerized pathology laboratory along with diagnostic lab services

giving preventive health care services to spread health awareness in the form of health check up packages. Health Shoppe and

Health Insurance Services under one roof.

           Dr. Nitin Kole is ...

     1.  Life Member                                 :-  Indian Medical Association.

     2.  Member                                       :-  Private Pathologist and microbiologist Association.

     3.  Member                                       :-  Private Hospital Owners Association.

     4.  Associate Professor                       :-  P.D.U.D.C. Dental College Solapur.

     5.  Visiting Consultant Pathologist        :-  Lokmangal Jeevak Hospital.

           Dr. Nitin Kole also provides the services like...

     1.  Madhumitra Shoppe.

     2.  Health Insurance Services.

     3.  Pre Employment Health Checkups .

     4.  Pre-Policy and Post Policy Health Checkups.

     5.  Health Checkups Camps, Corporate Health Checkups.

     6.  Yearly Health Checkups Packages.


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